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Let us take you back to the latter half of the 14th century. The struggle for the Swedish crown between Albert of Mecklenburg and Margareta is hard and is dividing the country in two. Imagine you are in a camp filled with soldiers, swords and armor.  The stench of blood and steal mixes with the smell of a rich meat stew. In a tent to the side some women are preparing food and baking bread…

This is happening today. The Brotherhood in arms Carnis is recreating a medieval environment. We share a dedication for history and with our knowledge of craftsmanship and many years of research in history we would like to share this with you! On historic events around Europe, Carnis demonstrates what a field camp would have been like in the latter half of the 14th century.

Displays and events
The Brothers in Arms Carnis gladly put on displays and shows at events with a serious historical emphasis. The display are modelled after your needs and interests and could consist of everything from a simple lecture and/or combat display to a full siegecamp with kitchen, tents and knights.

For more information about our displays and prices, please contact us at:

Service and events