Banquette 2017

We hereby invite you to the fantastic banquette of Lord Gunnar. The feast will be held at the grounds of Ekenäs Castle, which is situated outside the town of Linköping, Sweden. This will be happening at Saturday the 5th of August 2017.



New for this year is that we have expanded the feast, to not only have a night of banquette, but a whole day of celebrations at this beautiful location. We have also made the event available for more people than in the past by adding a Common Feast where you have the possibility to have a fantastic feast at the same time as the banquette, but at a lesser expense than the banquette. We have prepared this evening for a long time, which means that we are eager to show you what we’ve prepared and give you a fantastic day.


You might have heard about the Carnis banquettes of the past. Perhaps you wished that you attended it then and have regretted that you didn’t since that time. Possibly you’ve even attended one of our banquettes already. Now you have a new opportunity to attend a Carnis banquette! This time we’ve upped our game even more and prepared a very special evening for you. The price for a seat at the banquette is 1500 SEK or €150 and is to be paid in advance.

What is included in the price? Included in this price is a spectacular banquette with not only numerous of wondrous courses, but also drinks, entertainment and service.

Common feast

This time we’re also hosting a so called common feast, which will be different from the big banquette. The cost for enjoying the feast is 100 SEK or €10. This is the party for those of you that don’t  want to spend the big money, but still want to eat well and have a great evening.

For the common feast we kindly ask you to bring your own tables, benches and possibly sunroofs as far as it is possible. We are trying our best to get enough for all of you, but it would help immensely if you could bring some of your own equipment for this part. We suspect that the feast will be a lot nicer for you if you don’t have to sit in each other’s laps.

What is included in the price? For the 100 SEK you get a nice meal consisting of several different parts, beer and wine until our stores are dry, and some entertainment.


 There will be a total of three tournaments during the day where the winner of each tournament will win a seat at the big banquette, and you are allowed to bring one guest of your choosing. That means that the  prize is two seats at the banquette for each winner of the three tournaments.

- Archery tournament
– Fully armoured, full contact tournament
– Women’s tournament

 Information on how to register for the tournaments together with the rules for each of the tournaments will be published here when everything is finished. If you win and happen to have a seat at the  banquette already, you can choose between giving your price away to someone else, or getting your money back.


Archery Tournament

The archery tournament starts with a hunting trail, prepared by skilled crafts- and bowmen. Later on there will be a final with the best bowmen from the hunting trail. The rules of the final are a  bit special, so if you are interested in competing in this tournament – then be sure to listen closely when they are explained.

More information about the archery tournament can be found here:

This tournament is open for both male and female participants.

Full Contact Tournament

This is the tournament for all the knights out there! A fully armoured, full contact tournament, for those shiny metal men out there. Most of the tournament will be taking part during the day, with  finals taking place later in the afternoon.

More information about the full contact tournament can be found here:

This is a men’s only tournament.

Women’s Tournament

The women’s tournament form is mainly based on Tannhofer’s Trial by God from the late 15th century, but there is pictorial evidence for the same kind of trial even earlier than that. Basically you  have women competing against a man dug into the ground. The weapon for the women is stones in their veil and the man in the pit have a kind of a bat. To even out the odds even further, one of the man’s arms is tied to his body as well.

More information about the women’s tournament can be found here:

This is a women’s only tournament.



Ekenäs Castle

As we wrote earlier, Ekenäs Castle is located outside the Swedish town of Linköping. If you want to check the place out – here is a link to the castle on Google Maps:,15.9434556,399m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4659138648a0d519:0x9dfb10669c67518!8m2!3d58.3820327!4d15.9456443

How do you get there?
– If you go by car it’s an easy drive to the castle. Directions are found on Google Maps for example.
– You can also get there by train. Closest train station is Linköping, which has connections to both Stockholm and Malmö/Copenhagen. The main Swedish train company is SJ:
- There is also the alternative of flying. Linköping Airport is located just outside the town and has some international flights. You can find more information on their website:

For those of you that are flying or coming by train we are arranging transport from Linköping to Ekenäs. Just send us the details of your arrival and we will see to that you get to Ekenäs Castle.


What do we expect in terms of clothing and equipment?

Fraternis Militia Carnis re-enacts the period 1364-1412. We want you to have historically accurate gear that corresponds with that time period. In short that means that you need at least:

Women                                                                       Men
Shift in linen                                                             Shirt and breeches in linen
First dress layer in wool or silk                           Kirtle in wool or silk
Second layer dress in wool or silk*                    Second layer kirtle in wool or silk*
Short hoses in wool                                                Long hoses in wool
Period headwear (veil, wimple)                          Hat or other period headwear
(Buttoned) hood in wool*                                     Hood in wool*
Turnshoes in leather                                              Turnshoes in leather


All clothing and other equipment need to be based on sources from the time stated above. The interval can be stretched as far as 1350-1420, but that is the outer limits. Clothes and equipment that doesn’t fit that timeframe is not permitted. As far as machine sewing goes, we accept it for so called “invisible seams”. In short that means that binding seams are OK to do by machine, but hems and decorations should be made by hand. With that said, we of course appreciate and encourage garments that are fully hand sewn. Fabrics should be wool, silk or linen. Linen should be unbleached or bleached. Wool and silk should have colours that can be obtained with natural dyes, or be naturally dyed of course. Note that if any piece of clothing or item is inaccurate for the time period you will be asked to remove it.

You are more than welcome to send photos of your clothes if you are uncertain, or ask questions about what we think is period garments. Just send an e-mail and we will happily answer!

We encourage you all to dress at your personas finest clothing for the festivities! Note that this is different depending on who you portrait. Everybody is welcome to this event, even though you’re not portraying nobility, but a lower class persona. We would love to see a wide range of fineries in terms of dress and accessories, from a farmer’s fine woollen kirtle to the fur lined sideless silk surcote of the noble woman.

Sleeping arrangements and camp

For the event we have a camp area for those of you that have period tents. We highly encourage you to bring your own tents and camping equipment – it is always nicest to live ‘at home’.
Firewood, water and straw for mattresses will be provided by us.

If you for some reason aren’t able to bring your tents then there are some other possibilities.

  • Some of you will be able to stay in the tents of Carnis members. We will be raising our tents and having them empty for you to occupy, as we will be sleeping (or perhaps I should say working through the nights) elsewhere. This is for those of you that come from far away and doesn’t have the possibility to bring your own tents. These places will be distributed by as we in Sweden say “först till kvarn”, which means first comes first served. Send an e-mail to us if you’re interested.
  • There will be a small area for modern camping as well. We’d like to minimise this, which means that in first hand we want you to consider the other options.
  • As a last resort there is the possibility to stay in a sleeping hall. Contact us if you want more information about this.
  • Of course there is the possibility to stay in hotels or hostels in Linköping. Bear in mind that it is about 20 km away.

The sleeping arrangements and registrations for tournaments does not have to be sent in right away (especially since we haven’t sent all the information about the tournaments to you yet), but we will need all information at the latest by the 31st of May 2017. Though you probably want to send in a registration for the banquette or feast before that – we’re expecting a high demand on the seats.


Toilets and shower

The castle grounds have a fully functional set of water closets which are available to us during the weekend. There is also a shower, which will be possible to use except for the time after the last finals on Saturday afternoon when it is reserved for those that competed in the full-contact tournament finals.


How do you register?

It’s easy! Just send an email to with the subject “REGISTRATION BANQUETTE”, answering the following questions:

Full name:

I want to attend (Banquette/Common Feast):
In case the banquette is fully booked – do you want to attend the common feast instead? Do you want to be placed on a waiting list?:
I’m interested in participating in a tournament (Yes/No. State which tournament):
How do you plan to camp? (Own tents/borrow tent if possible/stay at modern facility/modern camping):


In total we have 42 seats for the big banquette and 100 seats for the common feast, so if you want to be sure to get a spot at either of them you need to register as soon as possible! As stated before – the last day for registration (both for banquette, feast and tournaments) is the 31st of May, 2017, but we expect the event to be full long before that. Also! Remember that the banquette and feast is to be paid in advance. Details for payment will be sent out during spring 2017 to those that have registered.



If there are any questions regarding the event, please send an email to and we will answer you the best way possible.

We are very much looking forward to see you this summer!

All the best,
Martin Petersson & Andrea Håkansson,
event organisers,
together with all of Fraternis Militia Carnis




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