The construction of a visor for a Bascinet

This is a short description in picture form of how ”Guffe” made a visor for his helmet.

The original helmet, an onion shaped bacinet from the later part of the 14th century

Copy the picture until it seems to fit your head.


Sadly, in all the excitement there were no pictures taken during the first part of the labour.
I have made a cone by hammering it out upon an anvil horn. And I have used the enlarged picture as a template for where the ocular is supposed to be.

Here I have started to hammer out the shapes with a rounded hammer.

Here the shapes of my helmet is taking form. I have used a planning hammer Compared here with a picture of the original.


Eye slots sawed out. Here in comparison with a silouhette of the original.

Here is the finnished helmet

Comparison to the original helmet.