Archery tournament

Archery competition

Welcome to a spectacular archery competition in the forests around Ekenäs Castle. The competition is open for men and women with suitable equipment and clothing for their reenactment period and location. First prize is two tickets for the grand feast!

Winner of this tournament was Hans Tveskägg. Congratulations!

The competition is divided into three parts.

Groups of four archers sets out on a forest track with approximately 10 shooting locations. Each location will have one or more targets and you will shoot two or three arrows. Everyone in the group will fire and then the arrows are retrieved and the score is counted.

When all groups have returned from the track and rested a bit, there will be a long distance mass shooting. Distance to target will be unknown for the participants. The score is counted.

The eight participants with the best score after the after the first two parts of the competition will compete in the grand finals. Details to be revealed on site during the finals. The grand winner will receive the tickets to use or give away.

Competition rules

There will be a judge and score counter on each location. An arrow anywhere in the target counts as a hit and is awarded one point. Score is counted individually. Special rules may apply for some targets.

Bows must be of a historical type. Preferably European 14th-15th century. This means single wood or possibly wood laminated bows. Avoid american or asian bows unless you reenact these areas. Glass fibre lamination is not allowed. There is no constraints on drawing power. But remember, the arrow must remain in the target. If you shoot the arrow through the target, it doesn’t count!

The arrows should have wooden shafts, real bird feathers and self nock, horn inserts or horn nocks. No plastics. All arrows should easily be identified by the shooter.

The overall idea is that the bows, arrows and participants all should look good in a medieval setting.

Rule exceptions
Bow strings may be in modern materials if discreet in color.
Modern glue is allowed.
Modern arrow heads are allowed.

Please note, you decide if you want to shoot and risk damage to your gear. If you aren’t prepared to lose your arrow, don’t shoot it. It is likely that you will lose or damage your equipment unless you shoot a perfect round. Wear good shoes. The track is several km long and there can be some rough terrain. Hunters didn’t shoot with a perfect stance on a mowed lawn!

There might be an extra very difficult target on the forest track. This target does not award any points, but a hit on target (or the best hit) will be awarded with a special prize.