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The group Fraternis Militia Carnis is politically and religiously unattached and anyone may apply for membership. To become a full member of Carnis you first need to apply for a trial membership before the next annual meeting. The following year you become a trial member so that the rest of the group will have an opportunity to meet you and see you equipment. The trial membership will end at the following annual meeting and the group takes a vote.

Basic Equipment

These are the minimum standards that you must have before you can participate in an event as a member of Carnis.

  • A persona: kitchen maid, soldier, blacksmith, squire etc.
  • Clothes that fit your persona, minimum:

• Man: Headwear, jacket, belt, shirt, braies and hose
• Woman: Headwear, chemise, dress, stockings, and belt

  • Shoes, unless you choose to go barefoot or sole your hoses
  • Eating utensils: a bowl (wood or ceramic), a spoon (horn, tin, wood), mug (horn, leather, ceramic, wood), a knife and something to carry it all in, for example a sack, bag, basket or chest
  • Sleeping arrangements: a blanket

Piercings, tattoos and other body enhancements must be hidden or removed. The same goes for non period hairstyles. Glasses must be replaced with contact lenses or period glasses.

Furthermore you must have the equipment to reenact your persona. A blacksmith should have a forge, tools and an apron; a soldier should have combat gear like gambeson, chainmail, a helmet and a pole weapon. Make sure your equipment fits the persona you have chosen! A stableboy does not live in a pavilion and the kitchen maid does not have gold ribbons on her dress.

Also you should study a bit about the period. You should be able to answer general questions about the period and the group.


Every piece of equipment must be based on sources from the period 1364 – 1412 for instance a painting, an archaeological find etc. It is possible to combine multiple sources and in doing so, creating something new. The result must however follow the style of the period.

There should be no visible errors in the piece of clothing or equipment at an arm’s length (50cm or 2 feet)

The materials used must replicate their historical model to the fullest extent. That means all natural fibers like wool and linen. All fabrics must have colors that are naturally dyed. Linen was seldom dyed in medieval times and it was mostly used for undergarments.

Machine stitching is allowed but should be avoided in places that can become visible, for instance if you roll up your sleeves.


  • Knight
  • Noblewoman
  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Cook/kitchenmaid
  • Farm hand / Farm maiden
  • Armorer
  • Leatherworker
  • Sawbones
  • Bowyer
  • Fletcher
  • Etc…

Keep in mind that every man in the camp at bottom is a soldier but can have other tasks as well. Also, choose a persona that corresponds with what you are good at. If you are a craftsman, that experience can be put to good use in the camp. Organizing skills are also a great asset as upwards to fifty people have to be fed, watered and taken care of in the camp.